Palestinian Land Day: Israel occupies over 85% of the Palestinian land

At the end of 2019 and according to the PCBS census the Palestinian population reached almost 13 million.

On the eve of land day PCBS census president Ola Awad said, “5 Million among them are living in the West bank and Gaza Strip, 1.597 million Palestinian live in the 1948 occupied territories, while the number of Palestinians in the Arab countries measured to 6 million and in the foreign countries 727 thousand”.

She clarified “Israeli occupation state, control over 85% of the total Palestinian land, it is also noted that Jews during the British occupation used 6.2% only”.

The occupation also uses classification of land according to Oslo agreement (A,B,C) to tighten control over the Palestinian land specially in the (C) area.

She also stated “Occupation directly uses almost 76%, of what is categorized as area C, since the regional council of the settlements control over 63%”.

Confiscated area for the use of military bases and boot camps represent almost 18% of the west camp, in addition to the wall of apartheid which isolated more than 10% of the west bank area and more than 219 Palestinian groups have been effected.

According to statistics there is almost 2,700 isolated facility between the wall and the 1948 occupied land, 5,300 damaged facility and 35 thousand families affected by the construction of the wall, in addition to the presence of about 67 thousand Palestinians in the isolated buildings.

The Israeli occupation puts all obstacles, to clamp down and tighten Palestinian urbanization especially in Jerusalem and (C) categorized area.

At the end of 2018 the number of Israeli army colonized locations and military bases reached 448 location among them 150 settlements, 26 manned outpost has been considered as ghettos of existing settlements, and 128 colonial outpost.

At the end of 2018 in relation to the number of settlers in the West Bank the number reached 671,007, with a population growth rate of about 2.7%, recruitment of Jews from abroad represents more than one third of net population growth rate in the occupation country.

It is clear from statistics that 47% of settlers in Jerusalem, nearly 311,462.

The ratio of settlers to Palestinians in the West Bank is about 23 settler for every 100 Palestinian, while in the occupied Jerusalem governorate, it is about 70 for every 100 Palestinians.

2019 witnessed a significant increase in the pace of construction and expanding of settlements, as the occupation approved the construction of some 8,457 new settlement units, in addition to the establishment of outposts.

During 2019 the occupation demolished 678 building, approximately 40% in Jerusalem with 268 demolishing operations, the demolished buildings where distributed to 251 residential buildings and 427 facility.

Moreover, during 2019 the occupation released orders of building, demolishing and overhaul for 556 building in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Human Rights Watch estimates that some 90,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem are currently living in building threatened with demolition.

Palestinian statistics clarified that the occupation barriers divided the West Bank into more than 100 “cantons”, to prevent any communication between the Palestinian geography components through about 165 iron gates on the entrance of cities and villages, and about 600 military barriers or berms.

The Israeli occupation has also established a buffer zone, along the border between the Gaza Strip and the occupied territories, with a width of more than 1,500m thus controlling about 24% of the area of the strip of 365 km2.

The number of Palestinian and Arab martyrs since the Nakba in 1948 reached about 100.000, and the number of martyrs since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Intifada 10.926, and 2014 was the bloodiest year as 2,240 were martyred, including 2,181 in Gaza Strip, most of them died during the aggression launched by the occupation on the strip.

During 2019, the number of martyrs reached 151, including 29 children and 9 women, and the number of injured reached about 8 thousands, while the number of prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons reached 5 thousand.