Occupation plans on constructing 31 settlement units in Hebron the upcoming week

According to the report the number of settlement activities had reached (16), varied between confiscating lands, razing agricultural lands, road construction, and the approval of building new settlements units.

Next week, the Israeli occupation authorities have decided to issue 31 settlement building permits, in the heart of the occupied Hebron city.

“Peace now” movement reported that this Israeli occupation measure came in unpredictable and specious timing, claiming that it is related to the 3 of November USA elections.

 “Peace now” clarified that having the license in the occupation hands means, the occupation wants to put the Palestinians in a de facto situation and they are not willing to retreat.

On October, 2017, Israeli occupation authorities had ratified to issue new settlement building license in the heart of Hebron city, based in an area which was previously municipality headquarters and central station closed by the Israeli occupation army for “Security” excuses.

On October, 2018, the occupation authority had decided to allocate 21.6 million shekels to finance this project.

Meanwhile, municipality of Hebron and “Peace now” movement had submitted objections on these building permits, however, the high council of planning rejected it.

“Peace now” movement considered the approval of these building permits in the heart of Hebron city as “Unusual step not only because it is a new settlement in Hebron city for the first time since 2002, but it’s an indication for a dramatic change in the Israeli law interpretation for what is admissible and restricted in the occupied lands”.