Jerusalem Ferris Wheel… Dangerous Zionist Colonial Project on Al-Mukaber Hills

This project aims to be one of the main features of occupational tourism in Jerusalem, the Ferris Wheel is a gigantic circular shape, over the height of 50 meters, attached to 32 small carts connected to each other and have the capacity to lift 15 thousand people daily from the Zionist and foreign tourists.

Israeli occupation authorities and its arms continue their attempts to cover Islamic and Arabian landmarks of the occupied Jerusalem city and to disfigure its ancient history and archeology, through its various occupational settlement projects. 
While the occupation authorities accelerate in conducting dozens of projects that aim to change the features and to set settlements all around the city, for example: “Silicon Valley”, “Biblical Garden” and “E1”.
With the same vision as of the London Ferries Wheel “London Eye”, “Elad settlement foundation” is keen to construct the Jerusalem Wheel on the hills of Jabel Al-Mukaber, in accordance with its implementation of the project “occupational tourism” in more than 45 locations in the occupied Jerusalem.
 “Elad” is an occupational foundation, one of the richest NGOs in “Israel” and it supervises over 70 settlement outposts in Silwan, most of it which are located in the Wadi Al-Helwa area and it is the nearest area to Al-Aqsa mosque, moreover its finances Israeli excavations.