Settlers Start Building New Settlement Outpost in “Um Kharruba”

Palestinians consider the Jordan Valley the “food basket” of Palestine, and it is the most affected by the annexation project which confiscates thousands of agricultural dunums.

Today Friday, settlers started building new settlement outpost by setting out tents, in the Jordan valley.

According to the civil rights activist Arif Darghama, settlers settled out tents in the area, adding that they were present constantly for along time, grazing their cattle.

Since 1967 the occupation authorities without exception considered the Jordan Valley a vital area for the “Israeli” security and economic prosperity. 

In one of the biggest land confiscation, occupation authorities confiscated during the previous month, more than 11 thousand grazing dunums from the Jordan Valley area, claiming that it will be natural reserves.

Occupation authorities since its occupation of the West Bank sought to annex and Judaize the Jordan valley which sets on the biggest natural water reserve.

Multiple West Bank areas especially the Jordan Valley are under constant attacks in order to confiscate more lands and develop bypass roads and displace the population.

2020 described as the peak year in construction plans in the settlements, especially in the isolated ones.