New world occupation… will Trump succeed in settling the Palestinian issue?

Israel has worked to consolidate its relations with the Arab countries and pass its new ideas under strong US pressure with a great media momentum and to hold the stick for those who refuse change

While Arab politicians meet in Tunisia on March 31 to discuss the internal affairs of Arab countries, and Arab-Arab conflict, and Arab-European and Western relations in general, the Arab countries are experiencing severe internal crises and an Arab conflict that has reached an unbearable level. At this time too, while the countries are living their worst conditions and getting intensified whenever the Arabs decide to hold their own summit, they are cooking a world deal called the century deal, and it is clear that the American interest in this deal will be done with all its signs and parts. Through shuttle visits by US Secretary of State Mike Pompyo east and west north and south, and conferences held in Warsaw and Munich to provoke instability in the world.

US President Donald Trump today is in an unenviable position, receiving a slap after a slap from Congress, the last of which is Muller's investigation that Congress will exploit and make him a stumbling block for Trump's candidacy for a second term while his Secretary of state is working hard to announce the century deal. That started a long time ago and was cooked on a quiet fire and started to mature very little. The first thing that America did after it found an intransigent from the Arab countries, a strict attitude toward Israel, the conversion of the United States embassy to Jerusalem, the recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, invented the idea of the Arab Spring and the support of the countries willing to change from within, and this happened to many Arab countries. Starting with Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, now Sudan, Algeria, and the list may include other countries, and stoking internal tribal, ethnic, sectarian, racial, and other conflicts.

The Arab countries, or rather their peoples, have found an opportunity to attack their rulers who have taken power and injustice, and to express the desired change, some of which have resulted in devastating armed conflicts such as those in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. Some of them are still experiencing severe internal crises and others are witnessing new popular demonstrations in which peaceful change is sought after seeing the destruction that has taken place in some of the above-mentioned Arab countries. All this happens to the Arab countries in a short period not exceeding twenty years, i.e. since September 11, 2001, when George Bush declared war on Islam and claimed that the reason for the emergence of Islamophobia.

While America managed to tame the Arab countries and their works with their internal strife or Arab conflict, the Arab-Israeli conflict started to fade into the arena, Israel worked to consolidate its relations with the Arab countries, pass its new ideas with strong American pressure and great media momentum, and hold the stick for those who refuse change. The Palestinian issue became forgotten and forgotten, and the American President then dared to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and declare that Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are the real enemy that represents a threat to the world peace, and therefore must be stifled economically to surrender. Pompyo's tour came as a warning to each of the countries dealing with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, as well as Bin Salman's tour to Pakistan, India and China. Thus, America warns Iraq in the first place, Afghanistan in the second place, and then India, Turkey, Lebanon, and perhaps also Russia and China, in which Pompyo finds it difficult to convince them of the necessity of ending the commercial relations with Iran for getting American gains.

The European Union also stays perverse to America, after it agreed with Iran on a monetary mechanism to pass the Iranian oil, although this does not convince the Iranian government, but it accepted it reluctantly and has no solution but to accept it. The work on Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority, which is no longer in the eyes of the Americans and has not been visited by a US official after Trump's decision to close the PLO mission's office in Washington, and in Trump's view it is no longer a threat but a very weak scapegoat and its officials are not issued They are empty words from here and there that do not in any way affect the political scene.

But the eye is focused on Hamas and how it will collapse from inside as well or eliminate it militarily if it is necessary after military intelligence, wide US funding and the anger of the Lebanese people over Hezbollah by drying the sources of funding from Iran, and creating a gap between the Shiites in Iran and the Shiites in Lebanon. All this is taken into account by Trump, and the Golan declaration as Israeli territory is only evidence of a clear provocation to Iran and Russia and an attempt to undermine the Syrian regime and provoke confusion in the region.

Slowly, I believe that the region will get more flaming in the coming days when Iran starts feeling that it is actually stifling and that the shadow of collapse is clear before it, and Hezbollah may feel tired and underfunded after its collapse in Syria's war and may weaken in front of the US blockade and turn the Lebanese on it at home. In this case, either the deal of the century will be announced after it is fully mature if the Americans can submit the Arabs to accept it, despite what the Jordanian King showed of his censure that he does not accept any change that may take place in Al-Quds Al-Sharif and betrays it on his people who support it. Either it will be postponed if some files remain open or new events have taken place in the region, the scene will change, or it will be completely canceled if the Arabs stick to the Islamic Arab identity of Jerusalem. The Islamic and Arab peoples everywhere in the world condemned the so-called century deal, suing the rulers of America and Israel and their people, making the change again and undermining the Zionist American dream forever.

Fuzi Bin Hadid

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