International law expert: Jerusalem is exposed to unprecedented Judaist measures under "Corona"

International law expert Dr. Hanna Eissa condemned the Israeli occupation authorities' continuation of measures aiming at perpetuating its occupation of Jerusalem city.

Changing the Holy City's situation and its demographic composition, threatening Al Aqsa Mosque existence through its excavations around and under it, and establishing new Israeli facilities that will be the nucleus of the Israeli extremists' move and to attack the Arab Jerusalem identity as well all these attempts aim at restricting Jerusalemites in the Old Town, forcing them to leave or forcing them to leave and planting Jerusalem with more settlement outposts on the road to full control of Jerusalem.

Dr. Eissa added in a statement today that the International Community strongly condemns these Israeli measures, which violate the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and the UN resolutions, especially the Security Council resolutions that firstly do not recognize Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, secondly the direct threat these acts pose to the Christian and Islamic holy places in Jerusalem and the dangers to the international cultural and religious value of Jerusalem city thirdly, the continuation of the Israeli occupation in destroying the cultural and religious heritage of Jerusalem city clearly indicates that the occupation State continues to escalate the situations in the Middle East and defies the international community and the international legitimacy resolutions. "Israel" also severely encircled Jerusalem city with more settlements, demolition and confiscation of houses, and revealed Israel's real intentions to annex Jerusalem and uproot other Palestinian territories."

The international community, through the Security Council, was called upon to take practical measures to ensure that the Israeli occupation authorities were committed to  stopping these serious acts of violation of international law, an obstacle to achieving a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East and to oblige Israel to comply with its legal obligations under international law, in particular, the Fourth Geneva Convention, the provisions of which apply to the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in 1967, including East Jerusalem.